ID Systems (IDS) has been shortlisted in the Offsite Awards for its use of repeatable design technology to install a new surface water pumping station at Wallyford, East Lothian, Scotland.

The project has been named as a finalist in the Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) and repeatable design (POD) technology category.

IDS’ Wallyford Stormwater Pumping Station provides appropriate drainage and helps to prevent flood risks to one of the largest residential developments in Scotland. This surface water pumping station was the first of its kind to be fully adopted by Scottish Water.

A pumping station is an electromechanical unit used to lift and distribute water when gravity will not naturally transfer it away from a location. IDS was tasked with designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning the unit.

The pumping station is made of three separate modular parts: a High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) wet well, a self-contained valve chamber, also manufactured out of HDPE and a control kiosk. These separate parts were built in a factory and tested before being delivered to site.

The system was then installed over five days which significantly reduced site time and allowed deep excavations to be back-filled quickly, reducing health and safety risks. This method also guaranteed the quality of the pumping station which was tested in the factory before being delivered to site.

The team used a standard design to manufacture the modular pumping station and deliver this project. This standardised design and manufacturing process can be used to procure and install modular pumping stations on demand. Having this standard design resolves a common issue for housing developers as it has been created in compliance with Scottish Water and Sewers for Scotland’s specifications.

Stewart Keough, Strategy Director at IDS said: “We have been successfully delivering bespoke and standardised modular solutions for several years now.

“We have reshaped our business from traditional site installation to offsite manufacturing and site installation so it’s great to be recognised with our shortlisting for this award.”

The Offsite Awards celebrate the changing nature of building and installation works. They highlight the drive businesses are taking towards more innovative and sustainable ways of working.

The awards will be announced on the 20 September at the Coventry Building Society Arena and we wish the team the best of luck.