Rouchan DSR comes under a project called Nith Leakage which was a collection of 11 sites across the Nith region where there was a need for flow meters to be installed or replaced. The objective is to continue to provide stable and clean drinking water to Scottish Water customers while liaising with adjacent landowners, property owners and members of the public.

Design, construction and commissioning of new leakage assets. Rouchan DSR consisted of the design, construction, and commissioning of;

- A new outlet flow meter including a new bypass and associated pipework,
- Excavation for new pipework including cable ducts, draw, and inspection chambers
- New electrical distribution board for existing equipment
- New telemetry outstation including commissioning

Our Service and Delivery
With Scottish Water, we notified all local businesses and customers about the work. Employing a local civil engineering subcontractor, Chalmers Construction, we installed temporary fencing around the new proposed working area and installed all cable ducting from the local MCC to the new proposed flow meter location. Once this was completed, we began the excavation to expose the existing outlet pipe. Due to the number of customers that Rouchan DSR supplies, we had to carry out the shutdown at night to limit the impact. To minimise the downtime, we built the pipework and flow meter offline to be fixed into position.

With the existing pipework exposed and the new pipework and flow meter built offline, we organised the night shutdown, liaising with customers and local businesses. The existing pipework was isolated with the support of the Scottish Water NSO team and cut to size. The pipework was then lowered using the excavator into position so that the mechanical team could fix the new pipework and connect the VJ’s. With the pipework fixed, the pipework was then purged of air and tested successfully.

  • Client: Scottish Water
  • Services: Mechanical
  • Sector: Water & Utilities

“The works for the installation of the flow meter at Rouchan DSR required a shutdown of a water main that supplies with water more than 450 domestic properties and businesses. To minimise the interruption to our Scottish Water customers, the shutdown and the installation of the flow meter had to take place during night hours, which made an already high-risk operation even more challenging. However, IDS (and their subcontractor/Chalmers) rose to the challenge and managed to complete the works successfully and well within time. That, of course, was a result of good coordination between IDS and the Scottish Water Operations Team, as well as good preparation by IDS during the days leading up to the night shift works.”
- Project Manager, Managed Delivery