IDS were engaged by Scottish Water to replace a total of 9 sites that had LeeDickens RTUs presently with a new framework RTU. As there were multiple LDs on site, the hardwired capacity of the new framework RTU was surpassed on 7 on these sites. It was agreed that Moxa Data gatherers would be used to convert the hardwired signals into Modbus. These sites were all critical WTWs and a full re-test of the site was required once the RTU was replaced.

Any key successes

The IDS Telemetry Department delivered this project on time, within budget and with no issues. Even with some delays outwith our control, the project was a success and has now led to the Waste sites in the north being replaced by the same method. The Project has also led to members of the team becoming familiar with moxa equipment.

Client: Scottish Water

Disciplines Involved: Telemetry

Business Sector: Telemetry