Bancon Homes housing development at Monument View contains a mixture of modern housing situated in Inverurie and providing much needed new homes for the area. Due to the topography of the site a rising main and pumping station were required to feed wastewater to the mains sewer for treatment.

We were engaged to; design, supply, install mechanically/ electrically and commission the Modular Assembly plant.

Our Service and Delivery
The pumping station is a Scottish Water design delivered by IDS using approved Scottish Water Framework suppliers. It consists of a wet well, valve chamber, and kiosk which houses the control equipment. The Monument View pumping station was delivered with the larger Form 4 style control panel and associated VSD’s.

From design acceptance 4 months later the pumping station was on site and operational. Various delays set the programme back after this, but we, together with Bancon Homes, have persevered and are now well into the final vesting process with Scottish Water who will incorporate the pumping station as a Scottish Water asset.

  • Client: Bancon Homes
  • Services: Modular Assembly Framework
  • Sector: Development Market