This site had an existing Dynamic Logic 4110 telemetry RTU (DL0145) which communicated to Scottish Waters ‘Open Enterprise’ via PSTN comms. The telemetry scope of this project is to add 8 new hardwired digital signals to the existing RTU. The signals would be sent via Elpro Radio(415U-2) system from the dosing kiosk to the Main MCC room to prevent the installation of new ducting and minimize the cost of the overall project.

Services Provided:

  • Supply, design, Install and commission new Elpro radio system.
  • Configure existing top end top incorporate new signals.
  • Full end to end test of signals from the new dosing kiosk
  • O&M manuals and drawings

Any key successes:  The main success from this project, there was 10 sites trialled and it’s believed to save Scottish Water over 1 million pounds a year across all sites as the new chemical is significantly cheaper.

Client: Scottish Water

Disciplines Involved: Telemetry Engineer, Installation Engineer, Commissioning Engineer, Design engineer

Business Sector: Telemetry Department