This project was set up with a capital investment of over £150k to save energy and decrease the risk of the aeration process causing the site to not meet the CAR license.

We were asked to electrically remove, install, integrate and commission new blowers of a different manufacturer while keeping the site live.

Our Service and Delivery
We pulled together the electrical, control & automation, design and telemetry departments to come up with a solution to keep the site live during changeovers to minimise the SEPA consent risk.

Before any works could take place on the existing blowers, the MCC starter section isolators have to be upgraded. This required a full site shut down with a period of only two hours to complete the works to ensure the consent license was met. When the MCC was upgraded, we had to keep the site live, meaning we could only change over one blower at a time. One blower changeover, from existing blower isolation to final commissioning of the new blower, was planned and delivered in one week each. This allowed us a two day proving period over the weekend and for us to start on the next blower the following Monday. The project was completed on time and the site is already making savings.

  • Client: Scottish Water
  • Services: Project Delivery , Electrical Engineering, Design Engineering, Control & Automation, Telemetry
  • Sector: Water & Utilities

“Energy Saving was approx. 324K Kwh per annum. The project was delivered in a very short window on site and to a high standard. The energy benefits to Scottish Water going forward will help during this challenging period for energy costs.”
- Project Manager, Scottish Water