IDS were contacted by Scottish Water to provide a new Kiosk, with solar power supply, Level Pressure Transducer and an ATU900 Low powered RTU. The level pressure transducer was installed within the tank and cable ran to the new Kiosk. The RTU was configured for a loop powered instrument to supply the voltage to the transducer. The RTU was also built and configured as a low powered DC unit. This allows the solar panels to charge the 2 x 12volt batteries located within the Kiosk via a voltage regulator. The RTU also has internal D-Cell batteries for back-up.

IDS Telemetry department successfully procured and commissioned the new Kiosk with Telemetry and level transducer to the satisfaction of the client.

Any key successes

The IDS Telemetry Department delivered this via SW Operations and PM, that engaged the telemetry department directly because of the reputation and work ethic. This project delivery was another representation of the telemetry departments undeniable achievements.

Client: Scottish Water

Disciplines Involved: Telemetry, Workshop, MAF

Business Sector: Telemetry