Provide a steady flow rate of raw sewage without causing an overflow and spillage into the local environment. Protect the natural environment along one of Scotland’s most beautiful stretches of coastline.

Burnmouth Outfalls is a project involving four outfalls.Each receives flow from the surrounding area. Outfalls also pump to each other before the final outfall forwards all flows to the Eyemouth STW via a Nutriox dosing site.

Our Service and Delivery
Extensive radio survey. Installation and commissioning of 1 telemetry unit for top end monitoring and response. This RTU gathers telemetry IO from four peripheral sites via a radio system. Installation, configuration, and commissioning of five Intersite radio communication units. These radio unit relay telemetry signals to the master radio to be relayed to the telemetry RTU via Modbus.

  • Client: Byzark Ltd
  • Services: Telemetry
  • Sector: Water & Utilities

“This was a challenging program of work, but one that we ultimately knew would deliver tangible benefits to the local community”
- Project Manager, SW