Design, supply, installation and commissioning of 156 samplers on 84 sites pan-Scotland.

Scope covered design and construction works in rural and urban environments. A detailed project schedule was produced during the tender stage and then further developed during the completion of the design phase. The project schedule was then resourced which in turn produced a resource profile used to generate the appropriate blend of in-house resource and subcontract to provide the most technically appropriate and economic solution. The project was delivered on time, within budget, meeting legislative drivers.
Our Service and Delivery Extensive radio survey. Installation and commissioning of 1 telemetry unit for top end monitoring and response. This RTU gathers telemetry IO from four peripheral sites via a radio system. Installation, configuration, and commissioning of five Intersite radio communication units. These radio unit relay telemetry signals to the master radio to be relayed to the telemetry RTU via Modbus.

Our Service and Delivery

  • Change Control: Early engagement with Scottish Water to fully understand the scope and required outputs. This meant that scope creep was minimized. Also, weekly progress meetings with stakeholders ensured that any potential programme impact was mitigated with shared decisions.
  • Cost Management: Weekly cost, progress and programme reports produced to ensure control. Also, an open book policy allowed EES staff full access to the makeup of the costs for audit purposes with a clear breakdown which avoided lengthy commercial discussions with client PM teams.
  • Project Closure: Clear plan to close early with commissioning plan format template agreed at an early stage and early understanding of required signatories to avoid repeated site visits and delay.

  • Client: Scottish Water
  • Services: Instrumentation, C&A
  • Sector: Water & Utilities